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Introducing BrainSINS

Integrate everywhere.

We provide several plugins for the most common eCommerce CMS, a JavaScript API that helps you integrate into any eCommerce website and a REST API that can be used to provide personalized experiences into mobile applications.

Increase your sales.

BrainSINS offers a full personalization suite for eCommerce, including product recommendations, eMail retargeting, behavioral targeting and eCommerce analytics. Integrate BrainSINS into your eCommerce website or into your customers' eCommerce sites to increase conversions and sales.

Adapted to your business

No matter if you are a big retailer such as Toys'R Us or a small eCommerce website. Our solution adapts to your needs, and our pricing is really affordable. If your traffic is less than 25,000 unique visitors per month, you can use BrainSINS for free.

Happy Customers.